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Ben’s Lab is a venture corporation that researches and develops new functional substances

Inflammation is a comprehensive response of immune cells, antibody proteins, and other molecular biological mediators manifesting in the human body to protect us against countless foreign substances that may be harmful to our health. If this battle against foreign substances persists for too long or if it becomes too overwhelming, it can lead to a variety of diseases that afflict people today, including skin atopy, hair loss, prostatic hypertrophy, arthritis, dementia, and various cancers. These diseases can lower our quality of life, and in some cases, the consequences can be fatal.

Ben's Lab strives to develop strong and safe naturally-derived functional anti-inflammatory substances to alleviate chronic inflammation, and so far, it has enjoyed some great success.

  • BenPros

    • Clinical trial in progress at the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as an individually approved substance
    • BenPros features 3 compounds, including bioconversion oil, and is a functional raw food ingredient innocuous to the human body
    • Inhibits not only the activity of 5 alpha reductase, but also its production and secretion
    • Safe for long-term administration without side effects such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder, decreased libido, dizziness, fatigue, hypotension, etc.
    • Excellent ability to inhibit the production of prostate-specific antigen protein
    • Excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidating efficacies
  • BLMo308

    • Clinical trial complete at the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as an individually approved hair health substance, and application in progress
    • BLMo308 features 3 compounds derived from raw food ingredients, and is innocuous to the human body
    • Animal testing results showed better hair growth and hair regrowth efficacies than Finasteride
    • No side effects related to sexual function such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, or decreased libido
    • Clinical trial (PP group of 88 people) results show clear effects in terms of hair density, hair strand diameter, etc. (P < 0.001)
  • BenTooth

    • Clinical trial in progress at the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as an individually approved prostate health substance
    • BenTooth is a food compound that delivers high anti-bacterial effects against periodontal disease-causing bacteria (P. gingivalis), and it restores gum health rapidly by suppressing the expression of inflammatory factors and by using its excellent anti-oxidating properties
    • Superior benefits confirmed when compared to commercially available general medicines (In**dol, I**tan)
    • Usable in toothpaste, chewable tablets, or gum gel
  • Bendu381

    • Bendu381 has been authorized by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and for use as an individually approved raw ingredient from the Ministry Food and Drug Safety (No. 2009-16)
    • Nasal health products by Anguk Health Co., Ltd.
    • Significant portion of repeat customers for finished products thanks to its excellent ability to improve allergic rhinitis in adolescents
    • Retailed via the Benia Mall under the brand name COVI Green
    • Also shows some effects on allergic skin such as chronic urticaria
  • BenBreath

    • BenBreath is a food compound that can improve symptoms of respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). and help with respiratory health
    • Inhibits mucin (mucus) production in respiratory epithelial cells, and delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects
    • In particular, BenBreath is expected to improve asthma conditions by suppressing the histamine secretion of mast cells in the submucosa

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