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As a life science enterprise that develops new substances and materials this is our ultimate dream at Ben’s Lab.

  • 2022

    Relocated to Anyang-si 

    Acquired European CPNP certification for 10 cosmetics products

    Signed a cosmetic supply contract with MONISON in Poland

    Began supplying "Alpha Regen+," a hair loss supplement, to Story Maker

    Began retailing 5 types of cosmetics products via Douglas, Europe's leading cosmetics distributor

    Launched the “Benia III Royal Time Reset Eye Cream”

    Completed clinical trials for health functional ingredients designed to produce healthier hair

    Began clinical trials for functional ingredients designed to improve gum health

    Completed animal testing for functional ingredients designed to improve respiratory health

    Worked with the Virology Department of Chungbuk National University College of Medicine for animal testing of BEN815 using hACE2-transgenic mice to prove its therapeutic effect on COVID-19

  • 2021

    Executed paid-in capital increase

    Acquired 29 cosmetic sanitary permits (total) in China

    Began clinical trials for functional ingredients designed to improve prostate health

    Supplied the “Njuta Gamma Root Shampoo and Ampoule” to MK BioPanax

    Launched hair loss supplement "Flavo"

  • 2020

    Acquired 20 cosmetic sanitary permits (total) in China

    Launched the “Green Lipped Mussel Cream,” a cream for pain and itching relief in joints

    Launched feminine cleanser "Women's Cleanliness"

    Launched health functional food "COVI Green" designed to alleviate allergic rhinitis (uses Bendu381, an individually approved ingredient by the head office)

  • 2019

    Launched the "Benia III AC Noticle Spot Serum" for acne skin care

    Launched the “Gamma Root Shampoo” designed to alleviate hair loss, a scalp ampoule, and 3 types of nutritional supplements

    Launched the "Benia III Trinity Signature Ampoule"

    Launched 6 types of cosmetics products under the "Benia III Bioactive Essential Skincare” line

    Launched functional cosmetics "Benia III Hydro Ampoule" package designed to brighten the skin and alleviate wrinkles

    Launched the “Benia III Triplus Sun Cream”

    Registered Hydrolyzed Borage Seed Oil as a US INCI NAME

  • 2018

    Executed paid-in capital increase

    Launched 8 types of “home peeling” products "Diamond Peeling & New Cell Program" designed to regenerate skin

    Signed an exclusive distribution contract with New Cell Diamond in China's 3 northeast provinces and Shandong Province

    Signed an exclusive distribution contract in Vietnam

    Launched the “Premium Atobenia Cream and Lotion,” cosmetics designed to improve the atopic skin of children

    Launched an EWG Green grade sunscreen for Maylin Clinic

  • 2017

    Acquired sanitary permits in China for the Atobenia Cream, Lotion, Bath & Shampoo, and Oil products

    Launched 8 types of Maylin rose hip cosmetics and mask sheet product exclusively for Maylin Clinic

    Launched deodorizing functional raw ingredient "ODL-99"

    Launched the “TalGen Shampoo and Ampoule,” and began supply to StoryMaker

  • 2016

    Launched natural antibacterial agents "NFO, NBC"

    Launched functional oil "fermented rose hip oil" designed to alleviate wrinkles

    Launched the "Atobenia Diaper Spray," a spray-type product designed to prevent diaper rashes

    Launched functional oil "fermented rose hip oil" designed to alleviate wrinkles

  • 2015

    Executed paid-in capital increase

    Signed a contract with Anguk Health to supply Bendu-381, launched the “Nose Doctor” product

    Began exporting semi-finished products to Augusta Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. in China

    Launched the "MP Gold Tablet” designed to improve male menopausal symptoms

    Launched hair loss prevention and scalp nourishing product "HyR 3 Shampoo, Scalp Ampoule, Scalp Pack"

    Launched “Breatong” for breast care

    Launched the "Benia III Healing Medi Mask Pack" designed to brighten the skin and improve skin resilience

    Launched the “Benia III Ampoule, Serum, and Moisturizing Cream” products 

  • 2014

    Launched 6 types of functional cosmetics for women under the "Benia III” line

    Launched “Nicotinine” (prevents harmful effects of smoking)

    Signed an exclusive distribution contract with Winin Bio for raw ingredients of functional cosmetics in China

    Launched the “SP1000” (functional raw ingredient for alleviating acne-prone and sensitive skin)

    Began supplying fermented oil exclusively to Celltrion

    Launched raw ingredient “Eve Solution” (feminine cleanser)

  • 2013

    Launched the "MP Gold” designed to improve male menopausal symptoms

    Began retailing the “Atobenia Cream, Lotion, and Soap” products at pharmacies in Korea

    Developed oil fermenting process and launched fermented oil products

  • 2012

    Launched GLCE, a raw cosmetics ingredient extracted from natural plants with anti-inflammatory and skin irritation relief benefits

  • 2011

    Launched the “Vital Life Cream and Oil” products

    Launched MP119, a functional raw ingredient designed to increase male hormone levels and sperm count

    Acquired sanitary permit for the Atobenia Cream in China

  • 2010

    Launched the “Altin Zero Turmeric” for Boryung Corporation

    Developed "NSAIF-Q," an anti-arthritic pain-relieving functional ingredient

  • 2009

    Acquired approval for Korea’s first individually recognized raw ingredient with nose-related health functional benefits: Bendu-381

  • 2008

    Registered as a health functional food venture and manufacturing business

    Designated as an industrial family business under the industrial family cluster business initiative

    Launched the “Atobenia Cream”

    Launched the “ALBI-N” product

    Launched the “PG Facing Forming Cream”

  • 2007

    Developed Bendu-381, a functional guava leaf extract compound designed to alleviate allergies

    Won the Excellence Award at the 2007 Health Industry Technology Exposition Korea (Technology Competition)

    Acknowledged as an outstanding participating enterprise in the 2007 Industry-academia-research joint technology development consortium project

  • 2006

    Executed paid-in capital increase

    Launched the “Slim Feed” (weight-loss) product

    Exported “Altin Zero” (hangover cure/prevents adverse effects from smoking) to Japan

  • 2005

    Acquired certification for the Ben's Lab Central Research Institute as a corporate-affiliated research institute

    Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications

  • 2004

    Developed AN-1000, a functional raw ingredient designed to alleviate hangover symptoms and prevent adverse effects from smoking

    Launched “Alcotin X” (hangover cure/prevents adverse effects from smoking), and began exporting to Japan

    Launched “Radicare,” a functional food product with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidating, and skincare benefits

    Acquired license as a venture corporation

  • 2003

    Registered as a food manufacturing business

    Launched natural antibacterial drug “Nodecay”

  • 2002

    Established Ben's Lab Co., Ltd.

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