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A goal of Ben’s Lab, a life science new substance development company, is for all people to lead a healthy life.

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- Released fermented mulberry ectract powder
- Developed Saenggamo soap, shampoo and ampoule for hair loss
- Released Benia III Serum & Powder Set


- Developed Bensleepy - a composition for sleep disorder patients
- Released "Hai-Rak", a nutrient for hair loss
- Developed "Odorless", a functional ingredient for deterring oral bacteria and bad breath as well as absorbing ammonia & trimethylamine
- Released skin whitening and firming Benia III Healing Nedi-Mask Pack
- Released "Nelumbo nucifera seed fermented fiktrates' for skin soothing and protection
- Released "Namgasae MP Gold" a supplementary food for improving male climacteric symptoms
- Released "Hai-R3 Shampoo, Scalp Ampoule and pack, a hair loss and nutrition cream


- Released "Benia III" a functional cosmetic for women
- Relessed Nicotine
- Developed SP1000 (functional ingredient for acne and sensitive dkin)
- Developed Bentopy (functional ingredient for eczema and sensitive skin)
- Developed Eve powder & Eve Solution (functional ingredient for feminine cleanser)


- Released "Namgasae MP Gold" a supplementry food for improving male climateric symptoms.
- Developed Smoocell, a blood circulation promoting ingredient
- Developed " SP1000" for sensitive skin acne control
- Developed fermented Borage oil and other fermented oils.


- Launched Hyojason tablets and Emu cream.
- Launched Slimpid Shake.
- Exported Atobenia cream, soap, and laundry soap to China.
- Developed GLCE, a natural cosmetic product based on a plant extract, which has anti-inflammatory and skin irritation alleviating ffects.
- Launched Nose-Care for Il-Dong Pharmaceutical Company.


- Added a natural hangover relief product as a major ingredient to BOJO Drink exported to U.S.A.
- Launched Co-Co Care for Gyeong-Nam Pharmaceutical Company.
- Launched Hyojason cream/oil
- Exported Altin Zero to Japan. Launched High Kick Can.
- Acquired hygiene license for Atobenia cream in China.
- Developed MP119, a natural product for male hormone and sperm count increase.


- Launched ALTIN-ZERO Woolgeum for BORYUNG Pharmaceutical Company.
- Launched Atobenia oil.
- Developed NSAIF-Q, a natural anti-arthritis pain relief product.


- Bendu-381 (Guava leaf complex extract) , First domestic Allergy rhinitis-related health product certified by KFDA
- Launched Kobigreen for BoRyung Pharmaceutical Company.
- Launched High Kick. Exported 888 Dragon to China.
- Developed HK, a natural hangover relief product.
- Developed Mok-Cho-Rong, a natural product for improving throat conditions such as coughing, sputum, etc.


- Health food venture manufacturing industry approved
- Launched High Living AlBi-N Vitamin C.E.
- Launched Atobenia cream. Launched PG facing foaming cream.


- Won 2007 Excellence Award Technology Contest in Health Industry Technology Competition.
- Developed natural anti-microbial lotus leaf extract mixture.
- Launched Altin Zero for BoRyung Pharmaceutical Company. Launched Noticle.
- Developed natural, anti-allergenic, and anti-atopic improvement product, Guava leaf complex extract.


- Exported ALTIN Zero to Japan.
- Developed a dietary supplement, SLIMPID.


- Received approval for Ben’s Lab Central Research Institute, the Enterprise extension research center.
- Received approval for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


- Received approval for venture enterprise.
- Exported Alcotin X to Japan. Launched Radi Care
- Developed AN-1000, a natural hangover relief product, to prevent the adverse effects of smoking.


- Developed Nordecay, a natural anti-microbial product

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